Looking for an everyday table wine?  
Try our $2.98 wine selection!  Choose
from Pacific Peak, Summerfield,
Tisdale, or other great buys.  You'll
find merlot, chardonnay, cabernet
sauvignon, white zinfandel, and syrah.
Beer lovers will love our wide selection
of imported and microbrew beers.  Life
is too short to drink bad beer!
We also carry large varieties of scotch,
cognac, shochu for a great
after-dinner drink.  Or if a cocktail is
more to your liking, you can get all the
spirits and mixers that you need to
make it!
Or perhaps you're in the mood for a
nicer bottle of wine or sake?  Choose
from hundreds of domestic and
imported brands and varieties, all at
everyday low prices.
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